Support & Updates

Users and companies, that rely on a software for their business processes, expect fast and competent support. This includes necessary updates, customization, integration and extending the software.

MittagQI offers this for translate5. Our customers know this. We are happy to arrange direct contact to companies, that use translate5 since years.

Support- and development contract for translate5

Our Support contract offers:

E-mail support within 24 hours

E-mail support with a guaranteed response time within 24 hours until the next business day.

Fast callback and remote support for complex issues

In case an issue is not easily clarified by e-mail, we engage in direct contact via phone and remote support.

Active monitoring of your installation

translate5 automatically sends an e-mail on each server-side error. In the frame of our support and update contract we configure your translate5 installation, so that we also receive these error e-mails. This way we are able to care for an issue and provide an update if necessary, without a need of yourself to do something.

Fast updates

Important updates are provided by us within a short time frame. The stability of translate5 has the highest priority in the company.

Guaranteed: Each cent you spent goes into translate5

If you close a “support and development contract for translate5” with us we guarantee, that each cent you spent for your contract goes into your needs and those of translate5.

You can track this live in our time tracker “mite”.

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