Open Source translation systems

Based on our long experience in the development of translate5 (that itself is integrated with a number of other open source translation systems), the usage of open source translation systems at our customers and the engagement in higher-level bodies MittagQI developed a rich asset of experiences, that we offer our customers.

You would like to implement all your translation processes based on open source?

Or you would like to implement parts of the text creation chain based on open source software and on the way automate as much as possible? E.g.

  • The translation editor
  • In-Context Review or reviews in general
  • File pre- and post-processing
  • Checking of spelling, grammar and style in texts
  • Terminology management
  • Terminology checks in texts
  • Integrate and use large amounts of translation memories in other systems
  • Google Translate-like translation interface, that uses confidential resources

For all these issues there are highly automatable and in many cases very powerful open source solutions available

Contact us, we are happy to consult you!